Diana Mehira

International Professional Bellydancer, award winning choreographer.
Member of the International Dance Council -CID

Beginners Classes

At Mehira's Jewels Academy beginners classes you will learn some of the basic moves that make up the wonderful dance that we call Oriental dance or Belly dance. These movements become empowering and students often quickly gain in self esteem and confidence. It is advised that you attend at least 2 beginners courses minimum before moving up to a Level 1 course, this is to ensure that you have grasped the basics before learning more moves, as the basics are often the core of many other moves. If you need longer you can repeat a beginners course for as long as you wish, usually students are ready to move up after attending courses over a period of 3 months or so. Level 1 is still a beginner level, so don't be afraid to move up, you will just build upon what you have already learnt. Many students are shy and self conscious at the beginning, but you will soon gain in confidence, this dance has a way of drawing people in so that they want to learn more and more, the fabulous music and the feeling you get once you have accomplished something helps. 


5 Week course, starting Wednesday 5th November 2014

Venue- Studio Deplacer, City Road Business Centre, City Road, Derby DE1 3RQ.

Time- 7pm-8pm

Price- £25.00

Pre booking is essential, you can book using the shop (non refundable unless course does not run), or you can send a cheque. Contact Diana Mehira - [email protected] for details and for more information.

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